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The Emotion Code®

Emotions are more than fleeting reactions; they serve a profound purpose in our lives. Understanding and harnessing their power can lead to transformative healing and growth. Explore the depth of emotions and how to navigate them with intention and clarity.

Unpack Your Emotional Baggage

Have you ever felt like:

  • You are on the outside looking in

  • You are blocked from giving or receiving full love

  • You can't recover from a loss, divorce or other emotional turmoil

Or, maybe something just seems "off" about the way you feel, but you cannot put your finger on it.  Most have been there at one time or another, which may be due to what a lot of people call "emotional baggage." Our premise is that, like our bodies, emotions are nothing more than energy.

What Happens in a Session?

The Emotion Code® is complete painless and non-invasive.

It is a simple process designed to use muscle testing (a form of biofeedback) to tap into the knowledge stored in your subconscious mind.

Cynthia Austin, a Certified Emotion Code® Practitioner, will begin by asking a series of simple yes or no questions, assessing your body's response via muscle testing.  Often, this process identifies Trapped Emotions that may affect physical and emotional wellness. Then, Cynthia can work to release those energies one at a time using magnetic energy and principles of ancient Chinese medicine.

Where do I start?

You can get started by setting an appointment with Cynthia Austin, NBC-HWC, RMT, CECP.

The Purpose of Emotions:

  1. Guidance and Intuition: Emotions act as our internal compass, guiding us toward what resonates with our true selves.

  2. Adding Color to Life: They infuse our experiences with richness and depth, enhancing our journey.

  3. Lessons and Insights: Each emotion carries a message or lesson, offering opportunities for personal growth and understanding.

  4. Navigating Harmful Situations: Emotions alert us to potential dangers or harmful situations, prompting us to take necessary action.

  5. Identifying Needs: They highlight areas where we have unmet needs, guiding us towards self-care and fulfillment.

  6. Providing Feedback: Emotions offer valuable feedback about our experiences, helping us make informed decisions and navigate relationships effectively.


Understanding Emotional Baggage:

  1. Definition: Emotional baggage, also known as trapped emotions, consists of negative emotional energy stored within us.

  2. Universality: Everyone carries their unique emotional baggage, shaped by their life experiences and perceptions.

  3. Impact of Negative Energies: These energies are detrimental, causing suffering, imbalance, and disconnection between body and spirit.

  4. Manifestation: Trapped emotions manifest as disruptions in our energy body, leading to chaos and dysfunction.

  5. Origins: They stem from unresolved emotional events, negative thoughts, and unhealthy connections, accumulating over time.

  6. Mechanism: Trapped emotions become lodged in the body when they cannot be processed fully, leading to various emotional and physical symptoms.


The Process of Emotional Release:

  1. Definition: Emotional release is the natural movement of trapped emotions from the unconscious to the conscious mind, completing the processing cycle.

  2. Impact on Energy: Held emotions create energetic blockages, limiting our vitality and well-being.

  3. Reclamation of Energy: Releasing trapped emotions frees up vital energy, allowing for greater alignment and vitality.

  4. Involvement of the Body: Emotional release engages the body's structure, facilitating a holistic healing process.


Releasing Trapped Emotions with Intention:

  1. Power of Intention: Setting a clear intention is crucial in releasing trapped emotions and facilitating healing.

  2. Enhancing Intentions: Strengthen intentions by cultivating love, gratitude, and unwavering belief in the healing process.

  3. Utilizing Intention Frequency: Intention frequency serves as a potent tool in calming chaos and restoring balance within the energy body.

  4. Integration with Energy Work: Modalities like Reiki and the Emotion Code leverage intention as a fundamental aspect of their practice, empowering individuals to reclaim agency over their energetic well-being.

Discover your body's own energy healing power!

The Emotion Code® is used to discover and release possible underlying energetic causes. Using it could help ease physical discomforts, overcome emotional distress and negative thinking, conquer self-doubt, and more.

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